"Girls are just like boys except their dings go inside and they have milk pillows on their chest"

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Wall-mounted water cooled PC

the dream

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It’s Record Store Day! Go back and get ignored by record store employees who think they’re cooler than you, just like in the good old days.

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In fake-space, no one can hear your core scream.

6 Movies That Put Insane Work Into Stuff You Never Noticed

#6. Gravity Is Even More Insane Than You Thought

Everything had to be meticulously planned from the beginning, so much so that they fully illustrated every scene before they started shooting. Director Alfonso Cuaron said that they could have released an animated version years before the movie was ever released, so just be thankful we never got our Treasure Planet version of Gravity. Second, it meant throwing the actors around on wires for really long takes, because that’s Cuaron’s jam. Sandra Bullock trained for five months to hang upside down without conveying the tension of the wires, and if that doesn’t sound incredible to you, go hang upside down from a jungle gym for several hours while pretending to be weightless and let me know how your abs feel.

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24 new ways to leave your lover


by Nate Smith

In 1975 Paul Simon gave us 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover. Here are 24 more ways to add to that list.

1. Wear clothes that blend in with the wallpaper. Stand very still.

2. Become an astronaut. Go to the Moon. Do not return.

3. Cover your lover in leaves. (This is a pun)

4. Tell…

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